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Going to a doctor for treatment when you’re sick is common sense, but it’s also important to keep yourself safe from illness. Preventive medicine focuses on helping you stay as healthy as possible by lowering your risk of disease. At Smart for Life®, Dr. Sasson Moulavi provides preventive medicine for patients in Boca Raton, Florida. These services can help you achieve improved health and well-being.

Preventive Medicine Q & A

What is preventive medicine?

This type of medicine differs from the health care you receive when you come in for treatment after already having an illness.

Preventive medicine emphasizes the importance of lowering your risk of disease. Dr. Moulavi can help you stay in good health by checking for early signs of diseases that need prompt treatment and reducing your risk of getting certain illnesses.

Why do I need preventive medicine?

If you’re at risk for certain diseases due to personal health issues or a family history of these conditions, preventive medicine can help prevent you from getting them.

For example, if you’re at risk of diabetes, Dr. Moulavi can help you make healthy lifestyle choices to lower your risk of developing this condition. Keep in mind that it’s still possible to get these diseases, but preventive care makes it less likely to happen.

What can I expect from preventive medicine?

When you come in for preventive medicine, Dr. Moulavi does a physical examination and runs any necessary tests.

Routine physical exams, which you usually need once a year, are an important part of preventive medicine. During these exams, Dr. Moulavi can determine if you’re at risk of certain illnesses and if you need to make any lifestyle changes to reduce these risks.

How often do I need preventive medicine?

You should have a routine physical done once a year, so Dr. Moulavi can keep track of your weight, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and other measurements that have an impact on your health.

If you need to come in more often for preventive medicine, Dr. Moulavi will let you know. For example, you might need to see Dr. Moulavi more if you have a higher risk of certain conditions.

What kinds of lifestyle changes might I need to make?

It depends partly on the conditions you might be at risk of getting.

Dr. Moulavi might recommend making changes to your diet, getting regular physical activity, and giving up smoking. You might also have more specific changes to make to avoid getting sick, such as avoiding foods high in sodium if you’re at risk of high blood pressure.

If you need preventive health care, please contact Smart for Life to set up an appointment with Dr. Moulavi.