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Seeing a doctor these days often seems to mean spending a lot of time waiting, then meeting with the doctor for a rushed visit. That usually happens when doctors have a significant number of patients to see each day. Concierge medicine helps you bypass all the waiting and spend more time with a trusted physician. At Smart for Life®, Dr. Sasson Moulavi offers concierge medicine for patients in Boca Raton, Florida.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine refers to a setup that allows doctors to see a small number of patients for longer visits. Some doctors can even arrange to see patients in a different location other than their regular office.

At Smart for Life, Dr. Moulavi offers concierge medicine and might also provide you with a direct way to reach him instead of having to contact the main office.

What are the benefits of concierge medicine?

When you see Dr. Moulavi for concierge medicine services instead of traditional services, you’ll enjoy several distinct benefits. Concierge medicine offers the following advantages:

  • Longer visits that give you time to go over your health concerns
  • More personalized care that helps you fully understand your treatment options
  • Convenient appointment times that fit your schedule
  • Less time spent in the waiting room

When should I consider concierge medicine?

If you usually have a difficult time scheduling appointments with a busy doctor’s office, concierge medicine at Smart for Life offers a much more convenient solution.

You might also want to consider concierge medicine if you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to wait around for your appointment.

If you have a medical problem or health concerns and want to make sure you receive in-depth care, concierge medicine with Dr. Moulavi gives you a chance to have longer visits.

What can I expect from concierge medicine?

When you use concierge medicine at Smart for Life, you can receive high-quality health care during visits that suit your schedule better.

Dr. Moulavi takes the time to go over any health concerns you have and discuss treatment options in more detail so that you can make informed decisions about your health. He also provides you with advice on improving your well-being overall through healthy lifestyle changes, such as eating nutritious foods and getting regular physical activity.

How far ahead do I have to schedule concierge medicine appointments?

It depends on Dr. Moulavi’s schedule, but you usually don’t have to wait too long for upcoming appointments.

Dr. Moulavi wants to ensure that each patient can see him for prompt care when needed. You can also schedule preventative appointments, such as annual checkups, with him at a time that’s most convenient for your schedule.

If you need more information on concierge medicine, please contact Smart for Life to schedule an appointment with Dr. Moulavi.